Tips For Better Braids

Better Braids

Braiding is one of the hairstyles that has been gracing the women’s hair for decades. A stylish fashionable hairstyle braiding offers so much versatility that will rock your style in any time. Your braided hairstyle can be worn to any events formal or informal or just for your daily hairstyle. You are never out of the options to change your style.

Maintaining Your Locks


Dreadlocks or locs or dreads are ropelike hair strands made by matting or braiding hair. Dreadlock is in style since long time back. It can be formed through a technique called twist and rip, as well as backcombing and rolling and the crochet hook method. All of these methods require ongoing work to be applied to the dread before it becomes neat and tight or mature.

Hair Coloring: Dos & Don’ts

hair color

We are always looking for ways to make ourselves stand out and look perfect through our dressing sense, makeup and hair styling. Hair coloring is a technique that makes your hairstyle different. Any time you color your hair, it changes its textures. Despite the fact, it is suggested to consult with your hair stylist before coloring.

History On African Braids And Its Cultural Significance


Hairstyles come and go but braids have been in trend since ancient times. The braided hairstyle is an ancient beauty technique associated with the cultures of different countries. Braids had made appearance on the heads of men and women throughout the history. Braiding patterns often indicated person’s social status, ethnicity, age group, wealth, marital status, glamour and religious affiliation back then.

How to Keep Braids Looking Fresh for Long Time?


If you are tired of changing hairstyle every other day how about sticking to one style that will always be in shape and happening. Braiding hair is a protective style that lets hair grow and allows breathing and relaxing from constant brushing and styling. Braids and braid extensions take a lot of time and are costly as well. This style is not for someone who gets bored easily or cannot sit still at one place for long hours. There are several reasons for opting braid hairstyle. Braids are low maintenance style but that does not mean you do not need to take care of. To make your braids fresh and avoid frizz here are some tips to make your investment counts.

Maintain a Healthy Hair


Having a hair that is lustrous, bouncy and shiny can make you very beautiful. With any style you can make yourself look classy and gorgeous, and stay confident. We all love that very confidence the celebrities carry with their styling and healthy hair. Professional hands can take this beautiful hair to that level. But we need to do our part for maintaining this very healthy beautiful hair. Here are some ways how we can maintain a healthy shiny hair: